Frequently Asked Questions 

This chapter provides answers to frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer, ask via e-mail or call.

Are nozzles moisturize the surface?

In front of the nozzle operating at 70 bar pressure, can be moisten the surface of up to 1.5 m. However, this is highly dependent on weather conditions - temperature, air humidity and air movement. Mostly can be moisten objects in 0.5m - 1m before the nozzle. After the nozzle and above it (if sprayed horizontally) objects are not moistened.

How much can a misting system cool down an area?

The cooling efficiency of a misting system is depending on the temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. 

Does the cold water absorbs more heat from the environment than warm?

Water temperature have minor effects on the absorption of heat from the environment. Eg. 32 degrees temperature of the water is absorbed only 3% less energy than the 10-degree water.

Where do I place my patio mist line system?

Place mist line around the perimeter of the area to be cooled. This forms a mist curtain, a cooling barrier between the protected area and the outside heat. Nozzles are mounted 2.5 m - 3 m in height.

How much water system use?

Water consumption depends on the nozzle, their quantity and pressure. More about the jet settings can be found here.

Should I use the filter for the fog system?

It is always advisable to use. The filter removes any impurities access to the system, it reduces the risk of nozzle clogging. Yarns with phosphate crystals removes calcium and magnesium ions.

What should I do when the nozzles are clogged?

It needs to be cleaned. Counterclockwise turn the nozzle and soak it overnight in an acidic solution.

Does the system require additional care?

The system requires little maintenance. Watch nozzle performance. Clean clogged nozzles, check the operation of compressor, monitor oil levels, change the oil timely.

Can you design the system?

Of course. Write what solution you need, do not forget to give your contact details, we will contact you and discuss all possible options.

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