Look at the possibilities and scope 

Misting systems are a great way to showcase your incredible landscape & swimming pool. Something special for your Event, Expo, Amusement park or Sports event.

Fogging systems high pressure are ideal for use in large water parks and amusement parks to attract people. This trend has already attracted attention and municipal services for decorating town squares and parks and fountains. 

Misty effects used by architects and landscape designers to create various attractive and functional designs. Set designers have successfully used high-pressure misting installation to create the necessary atmosphere at theaters or on movie sets in the movie.

Smoke effects 

To create ʺsmokeʺ or ʺfogʺ theme parks and studios have often had to resort to chemicals or oils to produce the required special effect. The MISTEC fog system offers a safe alternative to these methods. Using only high-pressure water, our systems create the required atmosphere with no discomfort or possible injury to spectators or actors.

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